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All the knowledge you need on how to become a pilot will be found on the About Flight website.Whether you want to become a recreational pilot, or an airline pilot, you’ve come to the right place.

Much of the information on this site is available from the United States Government. But if you’ve ever tried finding anything on their web sites, You know that you will have to go through a maze of menus and sub-menus before you eventually find what you are looking for, and even then, you may not find it.

The government is doing an outstanding job of making all of their information available to the public. But they are understandably putting up information for all users, not just pilots.

As a pilot, you want, and need to get right to the important stuff. But finding information takes time.  You have to know what you are looking for, where to look for it, and you need to know if what you find is relevant or a complete solution.

At AboutFlight.com, we are trying to make it easy for you to quickly find all of the important information you need for pilot training, flight planning, and flight safety,.

Here you will be able to find the information about flight that you need to obtain your Sport, Recreational or private pilot certificate, upgrade to a higher level certificate such as Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot, or add additional ratings to your certificate. You can expect to find information to make flying easier and safer.

Thru the AboutFlight.com website, you can check NOAA’s National Weather Service for preflight planning and to help you make your “Go” or “NO-Go”  flight decision.

You also have access to the Federal Aviation Regulations, National Transportation Safety Board regulations, and much more to come.

If you’ve arrived here during our early development, we are just beginning to load our pilot training information. It’s a time consuming process, but we are progressing steadily and we’ll be adding new content often. Watch us grow as we help pilots grow.

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